Stylish, unique and practical additions for your home. Whether it’s the latest top-of-the-line kitchen technology or a complete remodeling of your home, we can ensure you’ll have a solid foundation built on the newest technology. Give us a call and let’s talk about how you can increase property value while improving your quality of life with pop top additions

Over the past decade, homeowners have discovered the value of pop top additions to their homes. A pop top addition is a great way to increase living space, add more bedrooms and bathrooms, and expand your kitchen and dining areas. This is the newest technology in home additions and can be designed to blend with your existing home or to add a modern look.

It boasts a contemporary craftsman design with high-tech features like walls made with the newest technology, roofing shingles that last longer than traditional shingles, and ultra efficient heating and cooling systems.

The Custom Home Building experts at Alexandria Custom Homes have designed this Pop-Top Addition to create a seamless connection to the existing home. The addition blends with the style of the home, and is a perfect match for the interior of your new dream home.

A new, modern addition to an existing home can be a great way to add square footage without taking away from the overall charm of the home. We have extensive experience in building additions for both residential and commercial spaces. From design to construction, we work with our clients every step of the way to ensure their vision is realized.

Ultra-modern style and easy-to-maintain features meet in the pop top additions. Whether you prefer the high ceilings and open floor plan of the main level or the cozy sleeping loft upstairs, this home is sure to please.

Imagine having a home that is not only stylish, but practical as well. The addition of a pop top will allow you to store your belongings in a dry, cool and secure environment. Most importantly, it will keep them safe from flood waters or fires! With the addition of a pop-top addition you can add an additional bedroom, bathroom or living area for guests or family. You can store all of your personal items and still have the luxury of room to entertain friends and family in your home!

Our extraordinary pop top additions will give you the living space your home has always been missing. We’re not just remodeling your home, we’re improving it.

his modern take on the traditional Alexandria Craftsman style delivers a great space for entertaining and living. The kitchen is equipped with state-of-the-art appliances and materials that make it easy to prepare meals for friends and family.

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